Small Group Pastors

If you’re a small group pastor or key small group ministry leader and want to register your church, we’ll need the following information about your church (so gather it before clicking through to the registration site):

  • church's average adult weekend worship attendance (each year since 2013)

  • how many adults are regularly involved in small groups (each year since 2013)

  • how much you have utilized small group leader development strategies

  • church's small group ministry priorities

  • Names and email addresses of 3-5 small groups (at least one of which is a top performer in your top 10% of all groups and at least two of which in your top 50%, ranking average or better)


After your group members complete the surveys, you may receive the following 2 reports:

  1. Small Group Effectiveness Ratings (for churches that reach 80% completion in at least three small groups). This report identifies where your small groups score on three key effectiveness measures — group health, personal discipleship/spiritual maturity, and member assimilation/connection to your church. Essentially, what makes your awesome small groups awesome, compared to the average ratings across all the participants.

  2. Ministry Profile Report (for all churches who participate in the study). This report will compare your ministry model and practices to what we’ve learned about the small group ministry practices and effectiveness across hundreds of churches throughout the country. Basically, how your ministry compares with ministries of other churches similar to you.

Even if your small groups are doing well, we’re confident what you’ll learn through this survey will be super valuable to you and your team as you help your small groups continue to grow in health and effectiveness.  

Small Group Leaders

If you’re the leader of a small group, and want to sign up only your group, we’ll need:

  • Names and email addresses of your small group members



Be sure to register by February 28.  

But don’t worry, your group leaders and members will have until March 15 to complete the surveys. 

When you’ve got the information above, click on the appropriate image here to register for the study: .



Visit our FAQ Section or Contact Us. We would love to answer any questions you might have.